What up

31 Jul 2023

A Year of Growth: Embracing Parenthood, Gardening, and Carpentry

Gardening and carpentry? What’s happening to me?

My baby is almost 2, a constant buzz of energy, it’s been mad wavy.

If I was not busy enough with parenting, I decided to embark on a new project, creating a sitting area in my garden by constructing a pergola with decking.

Despite the challenges posed by unpredictable British weather (June/July!), the journey has been immensely rewarding. The process of designing, planning, and executing the project has allowed me to ~do more harm to the environment~ reconnect with nature and create a peaceful retreat in my own backyard.

Having previously hired a builer to build my loft and taking forever. By doing everything myself (my brothers helped, but you know what I mean), I saved money but gained a ton of new skills - measure twice, cut once. The process of researching materials and honing my elementary carpentry skills has empowered me. It’s like riding a harley?

The tools that really helped me level up;

Since I’m a Programmer by craft and having experienced the tools you buy for diy can really improve how well you can do a job. I have to ask, what tools helps you write “better” code?

One of the next books on my list is, To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink (The book Drive was really good by the same author), can’t wait to wrap up the pergola and enjoy this book whilst hoping the British weather relents.