Year 2022 in review

25 Nov 2022

A quick review of what’s happened in 2022. It’s been quite a year 😅.

My eldest is 9 years old, my baby is 1 years old, where did time go?

The pandemic was wild. Can you believe people stayed at home for such a long period of time?

Soon as the pandemic was over, I attended around 8 weddings, what a way to force myself into social interaction.

I have restarted going back to the gym. I don’t have solid goals at the moment, just turn up and run.

Building work is a very complex process. From getting the right builder to keeping building control onside.

I’m writing a ton more for myself. This makes me really happy and it’s clearing up my thought process!


Books I have read;

Books I’m currently reading;

Some quotes that I really liked;

Open source

Random goals

Final thoughts

Imagine the world cup final. A penalty on the biggest stage, on the last minute. You score and you become a hero. You miss, well… let’s not imagine that right?

For me to get really good at football or cricket, the 2 sports I spent a majority of my youth playing, I failed a lot! Missed sitters or bowled to an easy ball. Those failures pushed me to grow. I’m hoping to leverage the same learnings in my career too.