Haroon Ahmed

A long road...

28 Sep 2017

After working at Surventrix for a better part of a decade, it was clear we were not making enough money. The surveying industry seem to be overwhelmed with work, missing things, not able to manage things. It seems a perfect industry to write a software for.

We built a spin off product from Surventrix https://surveyorshub.com. One of my partner is a current RICS registered surveyor who has been in the game for 25 years. Having emailed a list of ~ 500 users from our existing platform. We understood our market, gathered feedback, have lots of positive reviews.

Launching our product in June 2017, since launch we have had 14 sign ups, not a great number, I really felt we were onto something with this new product, considering when a users said to us:

Finally, the surveying industry is moving into the 21st century.

If there is an established need for software, why are we not getting more sign ups? One common thing we found was, they do not have the time to sit down and try our platform.

Do we phone every individual and spend some time talking them through the system? Video walk throughs? Better documentation? Or play the waiting game? Even our beta testers seem too busy. I have the feeling that if they invested the time, they will save a ton of time with their current processes.

I have mostly focused on my job as a programmer until we launched this startup, however I am learning more things about running a business day by day, than I ever have. This has been a rocky journey so far.